Who We Are

The Bones Brigade Rescue fund was created by Anne Freeman and the Rainbow Spirit of her very special dog Bones. Although she has many dogs and stops to pet every creature that crosses her path, it was the loss of her 16 year old Bones that prompted her to create something special in his memory. Bones spent much of his life unconditionally supporting Anne while she worked at the Skateboarding company she co-founded. Bones was a permanent fixture at her company, snuggling under her desk, wandering around the warehouse to visit his co-worker pals, and enjoying the affections of the skateboarding community at large. When Anne retired from the Skateboarding industry she discovered she loved to paint. Most every work of art she ever created was done with the help of Bones on her lap, guiding her through a fun, creative journey. 100% of the proceeds from sales of her whimsical paintings are used to support the Bones Brigade Rescue Fund.

“Dogs ask for so little and give so much. Helping them has become my mission in life. No matter how much I help or give to them, I am the one who is rewarded. It’s truly and honor to be able to bond and spend time with the Angels of the Earth. A life with dogs is worth living”

– Anne Freeman